Saturday, 9 August 2014

The Three Sisters OST

The Three Sisters is now close to completion and due for release over the coming months. As a high five this celluloid achievement, here's a selection of my tracks Daire has been kind enough to use on the soundtrack. A more formal soundtrack release in one format or another will happen at a later date but in the meantime ENJOY DER STREAM!!!

Monday, 26 May 2014

Good Bad Aura

And in other-other news, my brothers in sound Bad Aura have just released their debut tape which I can thoroughly recommend checking out if you like a bit of wild-noisy-pants-out rock. They're still getting the act together regarding actually buying the damn thing (BANDCAMP YOU FUCKERS!!!), in the meantime quiver yer waxsockets via the wonders of youtube.

At war with pish record shops

In other news, the gent that is Al at AWWFN is opening up a pop-up record shop in Glasgow during the month of June. I've no doubt the available selection of goods will be top notch, check his online distro to get an idea of what to expect. If you're in the weeg and fancy splashing the cash on some sounds get down and show some support for the indies. Stench of coffee and west-end plug watching included for nowt.

Three sisters trailer

Really should have posted this on here a few weeks back but hey-ho, life's been a bit busy of late. Great wee taster of the forthcoming Three Sisters movie featuring tinkled (plastic) ivories by yours truly. More trailers/info/shameless plugs coming soon!

Friday, 11 April 2014

The LP cometh soon(eth)

After an epic gestation, the remastered and remixed Frozen Existence LP will be dropping at some point over the next few months via the lovely folks at At War With False Noise. Really pleased with this one. In the meantime, here's a wee taster of side A...

Sunday, 9 February 2014


Strongly urge you all to check out the upcoming cinematic debut of Lea Cummings and Sarah Glass, "Night of the Bloody Antler". I'm getting a distinct air of "Ogroff the Mad Mutilator" from this one and I've no doubt the soundtrack will rule. Should be doing the rounds of the festival circuit later this year...

Upcoming vinyl and celluloid action...

So, after another extended period of deathly silence, here I am checking in with a couple of bits of news.

First up, the long gestating remastered and extended version of the Frozen Existence OST will finally be released by the mighty AWWFN label sometime early this year (I believe I'm up after a re-release of Sore Throat's 'Disgrace to the Corpse of Sid' LP, grindtastic!). There's an utterly fantastic sleeve featuring artwork by Adam Burke and graphics by Eric Lee (check their other work here and here). It'll be poking it's head out on vinyl initially but a CD release is on the cards as well. Really chuffed with this one, massive thanks to Al at AWWFN for driving it forward. More details soon folks!

Second up, Daire McNab will be using some of my tracks in his upcoming giallo "Three Sisters" featuring none other than City of the Living Dead and Cannibal Ferox star Giovanni Lombardo Radice! Fantastic to be involved in this project, really looking forward to seeing the finished movie when it's released later this year. Check out the website here for further updates.

For now, cheers m'dears!